1995 Mitsubishi Starwagon

Inspection on 22 Jan 2020, problems found in the following areas:

  • Seats and Restraints
  • Lamps (lights) and Electrical Components
  • Body, Chassis and Frame
  • Engine, Driveline and Emissions

Non compliant fuel cap

Yup, true dat. I’ve got one of those temporary ones you get at a servo because I left mine somewhere

Hole in LH front indicator lens

Yes there is

Seating modified

Yes it has been, but when I had it checked I left the seats down and the bed on show. The vehicle has been registered for 10 years in 3 different Australian states like that with no problems, so the inspector was clearly a dick. Anyway, I have reconfigured the seats into what they should look like.

Extensive rust in front pillar around door hinge mounts

Hardly extensive. I could scrape that off, rust proof it and give it a lick of paint if need be

Oil leaks/drip under engine & surrounds contaminated

Yeh, it’s a 20 year old starwagon. Of course it’s got a bit of oil under it. I could clean that up and make it look nice if needed.

Engine number not sighted