Here are some of the books we like to read to the kid. He’s only 2.5, so it’s all still pretty repetitive. Interesting how repetition makes for a good children’s story don’t you think?

The Very Hungry Caterpillar (Chinese Edition)

In the moonlight, a tiny egg lies on a leaf. On Sunday morning, when the sun rises, a tiny and hungry caterpillar climbs from the egg. He starts looking for food.

On Monday, he eats an apple, but he is still hungry.
On Tuesday, he eats two pears, but he is still hungry.
On Wednesday, he eats three plums, but he is still hungry.
On Thursday, he eats four strawberries, but he is still hungry.
On Friday, he eats five oranges, but he is still hungry.
On Saturday, he eats a piece of chocolate cake, an ice cream, a cucumber, a piece of cheese, a ham, a lollipop, a cherry pie, a sausage, a cupcake and a piece of watermelon. On that night, the caterpillar has stomachache.

The following day is Sunday again. He eats some green leaves, and his stomach feels better.

Now, he is not hungry, he is not a tiny caterpillar any more, but a big and fat caterpillar.

He makes a little house, called cocoon and wraps himself inside.

He stays inside for more than two weeks, and squeezes out by biting a hole on the cocoon.

And the caterpillar turns to a beautiful butterfly.