Geeky Matrix Quotes

You disappoint me, mr Anderson. What good is a phone call if you're unable to speak?


I like being able to et food which I’ve grown myself. I’ve had varying success with it until now, but... Read

Chinese chives

also known as garlic chives, oriental garlic, asian chives or chinese leek. Pronunciation of the Chinese names for A. tuberosum, 韭菜, vary... Read

Auto-curated Spotify playlists

Spotify’s clever algorithm looks through my listening habits and categorises them into various playlists. Not too shabby huh?

Chinese breakfast

There are a few things which make the breakfast Chinese; the sechuan pepper, the coconut oil & the chilli with... Read

Punching Dolphins

Just remember. Every time you buy a coffee in a takeaway throw away cup you are actually punching a dolphin.

When did we stop having girlfriends?

I can see how the political correctness of the the word girlfriend might be questioned, but I think that referring to her as my partner doesn't sound right either.