Dead cows

100’s of 1000’s of cattle were killed in the recent flooding in Queensland. I saw it on the morning news. Terrible for the farmers of course. Terrible for their livelihoods, the price of meat in the supermarket, the effect on the Economy…

Pretty fucken bad for the cattle too don’t you think? Perhaps we have more of a duty of care for our domesticated friends? Maybe, instead of restocking those farms with cattle and making the same error, this might be a good time to re-think our approach.

Eating beef demonstrably causes more greenhouse gas than not, so no harm done there by not farming so much of it.

Australia, being quite extreme already is seeing the effects of climate change more visibly than most places, so we can expect this kind of weather event to become more normal.

Raising cattle isn’t particularly well suited to the Australian climate as it is now or as it was when it first showed up here with the Europeans 200 years ago. Cattle are too thirsty.

So let’s have a think. How could we farm better?

We’re in an enviable position of being a nation of on the whole rich, honest, tax paying citizens. If we decided to, then we could actually make it happen.

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