Bloody kids

I had a conversation with an old friend I studied psychology with many years ago. It went something like this;

me: I have been employing a strategy of being really nice to people who are expecting me to be a dick’ed to them. Goes without saying that it’s an effective strategy and if it’s not one of the seven ways to make friends and influence people, then it bloody should be.

Point is… it feels like this strategy works better in 2020 than it would have a decade ago. Is that because I’m a decade older and wiser? Or because there is an increase in dick’eds?

he: Ha no I think level of dick,Ed’s is a constant.
Though as a combination of the increased power of your charis
over time and a decrease in the general millennial clue as to
functioning human. There is an increase in effective result!

me: “level of dick,Ed’s is a constant”. Very wise words mate

I think there’s something else here too. This super-connectedness has changed us. We don’t have to see or hear the actual face or voice of the person we are insulting. That makes it easier, which makes people more do it more because easier always wins. Perhaps it’s not empathy that is lacking, it’s sympathy.

he: Or maybe not sympathy but consequence.
I am a dick in pub, I get hit . I am dick online, I get likes!

me: yes! that’s it exactly

bloody kids. weren’t like that when I were a lad. we had to get up 2 hours before we went to bed, etc

he: Aye lad

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