I am Zang Wei and this is my story. At least, that would be the Western way of saying my name.

In China we would say it the other way around. Wei Zang. Family comes first.

So there I was, working hard, for one of those big Western smartphone companies who manufacture their hardware in Shenzhen.

Some people say that the Chinese are only good at screwing components together, but screw that.

They don’t see the power of being able to mobilise a quarter of the world’s population to efficiently not only produce what the world wants, but also to make all the components so cheaply while at the same time making friends with the folk who actually mine the raw materials.That kind of planning needs power. Sorry, I digress already.

I felt – how should I put it – hard done by? So my wife and I decided to move to Australia with our little boy, Zang Jnr.

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  1. 致癌性吸烟,这是非法的事实,将我与其他人分开,这对我的双极性有影响 – 我的锅使用有很多不良影响。 这引出了一个问题; 有什么好处呢? 大麻对我来说只有一件好事。

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